Stenskvätta i vinterdräkt. Foto: Nicklas Strömberg Bird-watching

The flat land of Mörlunda and especially Emådalen with the village Tigerstad in the south and Lilla Aby in the north is one of southern Sweden's most interesting bird areas. During spring and autumn thousands of geese and swans rest on the big fields, along with golden plovers, lapwings, and starlings by the hundred.
Quite close by lies the lake Ryningen which is one of Sweden's most popular bird lakes. More than 240 bird species has been seen at Ryningen and about 180 species is seen yearly in the area.
During spring and autumn a lot of geese and wild duck rest, many different species of wading birds rest during April - May and during May - June you are able to listen to great snipes, jack snipes, quails, grasshopper warblers, river warblers, corncrakes, spotted crakes and thrush nightingales during the light summer nights. We can arrange guided tours. A local bird-watcher named Nicklas Strömberg is able to guide you around the flat land of Mörlunda and Ryningen according to your own wishes. You can contact Nicklas at if you have any questions about birds.