Tramp adventure - tramp over night stay in meadow barn

When the day has come to an end after an exciting tramp adventure, maybe you would like to spend the night like a tramp in our meadow barn.
You are able to spend a night in the barn like a tramp anytime of the week, and you don't have to do it in relation to the other tramp adventures.

The meadow barn was built in 1864 and it has been used in the first place as a storage place for hay. In the winter the hay was transported back to Storegården. The barn has also been used as a temporary sleeping accommodation for the tramps. Surely it must have been cozy to huddle up in the soft hay from the meadow that was stored in the barn.

You can also experience this. It is an exclusive adventure that will give you memories for a life time. Be sure to enjoy the exotic nature in the surroundings of the barn.

You can choose between walking about 3 kilometers from Storegården to the tramp barn or go on a hay ride. You have the same possibility to choose your way home to Storegården.

Days: All year around
Price: Adults: 100 SEK/night
Children (age 12-18): 75 SEK/night
Children: 50 SEK/night