Tramp adventure - the meadow barn and the surroundings

The barn was built in 1864 and it has been used in the first place as a storage place for hay. In the winter the hay was transported back to Storegården in Tigerstad. In former times the hay was made with a scythe. This was done at the little field "Kärret", next to the barn. The grass had to dry and then it was raked together by hand with rakes and finally it was put in the barn. The area around the very barn, the so called Ladvallen, was harvested in the same way. The roads in that time were often in bad shape, and for that reason the hay had to be transported home on the snow in the winter. At that time the fodder back in the hay loft was starting to run short and the hay from the barn was a necessary addition to the feeding. These meadow barns really served its purpose, since the farm often had a lack of space.

After some years of hay harvesting the farmer would plough "Kärret" to grow oats for a few years. The oats was then threshed back at the farm.

The barn has also been used as a temporary sleeping accommodation for the tramps. Surely it must have been cozy to huddle up in the soft hay from the meadow that was stored in the barn.

Be sure to enjoy the wonderful nature in the surroundings of the barn. The powerfulness of the forest of firs can offer a lot of experiences and adventures and you can gather mushrooms and berries. The land around barn, with elements of sloe, dog rose, oak, birch and several herbs awakens our most beautiful feelings. Maybe you will see a roe deer stroll by? Walk on the plank over the brook and enjoy the sunrise at the edge of the forest accompanied by birds singing and the scent of flowers. The mystique over the marsh when the morning haze wanders like a ghostly smoke is also something that has to be experienced.