Welcome to Storegården -
a family farm in the beautiful Emådalen.

All the members of our family Brånstrand wish to welcome you to Storegården. Father Rune, mother Karina and the children Filip (14 years), Axel (11 years), Isak (4 years) and Adam (2 years) will let you experience exciting farm life adventures.

We will arrange tramp adventures with tramp food, tramp handicraft and hay rides to our tramp barn.

Stay at a farm in our cozy, newly renovated cottage.

We hope that you will discover your own paradise here with us in your and your children's own time.

Spend some time with the animals, go swimming, go fishing in Emån, play in our garden and gather mushrooms, berries and flowers. Go hiking and enjoy the nature in deep forests and open landscapes, or you can just relax and be together with your family.